MS Suite: 7 Unique Kontakt Instruments

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MS suite is a collection of 7 Kontakt instruments created with a eurorack modular synthesiser and features a broad selection of FM, AM, wavefolding and waveshaping multi-samples.  The instruments make extensive use of Kontakt’s AET filter and allows the user to “morph” between different samples using a variety of different modulation sources.   

The Instruments


This instrument follows basic layout of the Yamaha CS-15 mono synth with dual VCO, VCF and VCA, a flexible routing system and multimode filters. 


MS-30 is the most complex of the included instruments with 3 separate sound sources, each with their own amp, envelope dual filters & mod matrix. Additionally there are 4 LFOs, 2 envelopes, a pair of modulation sequencers & a gate sequencer.


MS-40 features four stacked synth voices that together create massive, layered sounds.


An adapted version of MS-40. MS-4V use the round robin technique to cycle between 4 voices with each new note played. This gives a similar effect to that found on synths like the Korg Monopoly, or Oberheim Four Voice.


Another adaptation on MS-40, MS-DR makes the voices available on single keys and is designed from drum and percussion work.


MS-TM uses Konakt's granular "Tone Machine" to give a different flavour to the libraries, great at strings, evolving pads and odd noises. By using the formant filter we can achieve a sound similar to oscillator sync.


The smallest and most CPU friendly of the gang, MS-10 also win the prize for being easiest to use.

System Requirements

  • Kontakt 6.7 (full retail version, please note this will not work with the free Kontakt Player)
  • CPU: 2012 i7 better
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HD: 6gb
  • 1440x900+ Display


A Suite of Kontakt Instruments built with sounds from a modular synth


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MS Suite: 7 Unique Kontakt Instruments

1 rating